Dave Grohl Once Drove 800 Miles To Pantera's Strip Club and Wasn't Allowed In

March 1, 2019

To become friends with the guys from Pantera is already a bucket list item. But when they invited the Foo Fighters to come to their strip club outside Dallas, TX, after meeting them at Ozzfest 1998, little did Dave Grohl know that it was going to turn into an adventure.

 So after embarking on an 800-mile Dumb and Dumber road trip across America with drummer Taylor Hawkins, they arrive at the strip club. But there's only one problem... Dave accidentally left his wallet at a gas station in Barstow, CA. Pleading with the club's bouncer, Dave tells him "We're friends with Pantera." To which he responds with, "Everybody's friends with Pantera." 

Grohl is completely devastated that they wouldn't let them into the club. "Have you ever heard the song 'Smells Like Teen Spriit'?" adds Hawkins.

Fast forward to about 2015 at a surf shop in Oxnard, CA. The woman behind the counter recognizes Grohl and drops some insane news on him. "Did you lose your wallet in Barstow in 1998?" It turns out that her parents owned the gas station that Grohl left his wallet at and held on to it. Not only did Grohl get his wallet back, he got everything that was still in there when he lost it!

Listen to Grohl tell the full story below: