Foo Fighters' Chris Shiflett Is Putting 20 Of His Guitars Up For Sale

July 18, 2018

While playing lead guitar with the Foo Fighters for almost 20 years, Chris Shiflett has amassed quite the guitar collection. It's so big that he has decided to sell 20 of his own personal guitars to anybody that wants them! "I have an excess of guitars that I’ve gotten over the years—I have more than I could even really play and more than I do play," says Shiflett.

20 of Shiflett's guitars will be available for purchase on July 19th on

"It would be fun to see these things find a home elsewhere, where somebody’s going to actually play them and put scratches on them," Shiflett says. "I’m going to take these 20 guitars and turn them into two guitars. That’s kind of my plan."