Meet Lane Pittman, The Viral Florida Guy who Headbanged Through a Category 5 Hurricane

September 5, 2019

Normally when you see the news headline "Florida Man", it's usually because of some wild and crazy crime committed under the influence. But in the case of Lane Pittman, it's only good news.

Remember Lane Pittman? He was the red-headed guy from Florida who went viral twice just for being a patriotic American.

He first went viral on July 4th 2015 when he performed the "Star-Spanged Banner" on his guitar outside in Neptune Beach, FL, only to be arrested a few moments later. Then he went viral again in 2016 after he posted a 9-second video of himself whipping his head through Hurrcane Matthew while holding the American flag and rocking out to Slayer.  

Lane now stars in a mini-documentary on VICE chronicling his passions for rock music and the USA, and the positive impact his viral status had on his life, including playing at music festivals, meeting Slayer, the Foo Fighters, Lamb of God, and more!

Lane has also been able to use his platform as a viral rock star to raise awareness and funds for people affected by hurricanes. Click here to donate to his GoFundMe page which will go towards relief efforts following the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Check out the 8-minute documentary below: