Five Finger Death Punch Returns To The Studio For Their Eighth Album

May 9, 2019

It has nearly been a full year when Five Finger Death Punch released And Justice For None in May 2018. Now the band is back in the studio to begin recording their eighth album, which is expected to be released sometime later in 2019.

The band shared a short video of their first day at The Hideout Recording Studio with producer/engineer Kevin Churko with the caption, "What kind of record short we make... Acoustic Death Metal - Polka Djent Fusion - Doom Funk Dubstep... or...???"

On the second day in the studio, guitarist Zoltan Bathory revealed his secret weapon used for recording... his sharp, new beard and his bouncy yoga ball. And based on some of the riffs he laid down, they both appear to be working. 

Day two at the studio ... The case study of why big balls are the secret weapons of heavy metal -- ...and @zoltanbathory ’s freshly grown tactical beard is in rare form too -- it’s making him write some pretty brütal riffs...

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