Even Joe Rogan Gets Confused By Steven Tyler's Conspiracy Theories

May 17, 2018

Joe Rogan likes to talk about virtually anything: UFC, stand-up comedy, science, politics, drugs, and conspiracy theories.

But after listening to some of the conspiracy theories of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, even Rogan had to draw the line somewhere! Tyler presented theories about ancient humans living underground millions of years ago before the ice age hit, evolution and of course... aliens. "When I go our at night in Maui, I'm dying to see a UFO," says Tyler. "Because the second I see one, that will make clear s**t like the song I wrote called 'Back When Cain Was Abel', it was about a mothership and s**t."

However, Joe Rogan was ready to refute Tyler's stories with lots of past experience dealing with conspiracy theorists. "There's a f**kin' industry. The industry is in people wanting to get mysteries solved. The get mystery of 'is there life out there?' and nobody has the answers."

Watch Tyler's full appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience below!