Grandparents Aren't Popping With Joy Over Korn

July 27, 2018

Corn is a delicious vegetable, but for some people Korn is an acquired taste.

In the latest episode of Elders React, some of the older cast members are treated to one of the biggest Nu-metal bands on the planet, Korn. Naturally, some of the men and women were baffled by their choice of band name, but an even larger majority of them weren't too fond of the band's musical stylings.

"I've never, ever been into heavy metal."
"I don't know what to say... I think it's awful."
"Oh, so dark."
"Don't get it."
"I don't mind horror movies but I kind of object to... whatever that was."

However, a few of the elders saw the silver lining in Korn's darker undertones.

"I like the energy. I like the rawness of it."
"God, I love it."
"They have some good voices."

Check out all of their reactions below!