Mike Mangini Made Music Out Of Mistress Carrie's Pots and Pans

April 12, 2019

Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini didn't become one of the world's greatest drummers overnight. It takes years and years of practice and dedication to develop one of the sharpest senses of rhythm and timing, and Mike got his start like many young kids, by drumming on pots and pans with wooden spoons.

Mike had also held the world record for "world's fastest drummer" in 2005 by hitting a drum with over 20 beats per second, and he learned through science that his coordination can be broken down to less than a blink of the eye. When he appeared on the show TIme Warp, which filmed Mangini's drumming in super slow-motion, "they noticed that my eyes were a couple of a thousanth of a second before my hands. My eyes led the way."

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