Dorothy's Next Album To Be Inspired by Black Sabbath, Nirvana and AC/DC

September 25, 2019

Since Dorothy released their latest album 28 Days In The Valley back in March 2018, the band has been touring non-stop for the last 18 months. From headlining club shows, appearing in music festivals, to touring with Breaking Benjamin and Greta Van Fleet, Dorothy's star has been consistenly on the rise.

In an interview with Artist Waves, vocalist Dorothy Martin revealed that she plans on writing a third album inspired by the classic rock bands she grew up listening to. "We are going to revisit those heavy roots," says Martin. "Think Black Sabbath – they are a huge inspiration to me. I’m really excited about it. I have no idea who is going to produce it, but we’ve written a few songs."

On top of Black Sabbath, Martin says that she plans on writing music inspired by artists like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. "We want to make the fans happy while at the same time making us as musicians proud."

As her musical journey continues to march forward, Dorothy believes that after struggling with health issues, staying sober, and falling in love, the emotional rollercoaster she has been on could lead to lyrical content even deeper than that of 28 Days in the Valley.