Disturbed Believes Their New Album Can Outshine "Immortalized"

September 7, 2018

When it was announced that Disturbed were going to be releasing their new album Evolution, fans knew that the band would have to dig deep and put together songs that would be able to outdo their massively successful 2015 album, Immortalized.

In a video posted to their social media, Disturbed vocalist David Draiman has described the process of creating Evolution as "a very heavy undertaking."

"We're coming off of one of the most successful record cycles and touring cycles of our career with Immortalized, and [it's> a lot to live up to."

However, Draiman and his bandmates are confident in all of the songs they have assembled for Evolution and have even impressed each other how far they have pushed their creativity for their new album. "The creativity has been flowing, the songs are coming together very, very powerfully... It's definitely showing in how amazing these songs are coming together."

Watch the full, behind-the-scenes clip below!