Disney Bans Ice Nine Kills For Being "Too Violent"; Band Issues Perfect Response

April 11, 2019

If a band gets banned from a venue, they and their fans may have an axe to grind. But in the case of Ice Nine Kills, it's a badge of honor. When they were scheduled to perform at the Disney House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, FL, the venue banned them because their imagery was deemed "too violent."

"Disney’s House of Blues in Orlando banned us from performing because of our violent imagery. It’s a shame because I know I’ve seen Donald Duck at a show before, he’s an INK fan."

In response, the band released a now sold-out line of horror Disney-themed merchandise. "As many of you know a certain mouse-loving enterprise has deemed us too “evil” to perform at a certain Orlando venue of theirs. Rather than protest, we are accepting this seemingly misguided assumption with great honor. To celebrate the banishment, we are dedicating our ‘Nightmare on the Ninth’ monthly special to the launch of TooEvilForChildren.com,"