Dirty Honey Reacts to Having a Number 1 Rock Song and Performing with Guns N' Roses

October 8, 2019

Despite not being signed to a record label (yet) L.A. rockers Dirty Honey have successfully managed to land themselves a No. 1 song on the Billboard Rock Songs chart with the single off of their debut EP, "When I'm Gone."

It keeps getting sweeter!! #☝️--

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So when Mistress Carrie spoke with Marc, John, Josh and Corey backstage before their show at the Worcester Palladium, we had to know what it was like to achieve their first number 1 song. "Nothings really changed for us at all, other than a lot of people coming up and saying 'congratulations'," says vocalist. Marc LaBelle. "It's awesome. It was really cool to get that picture of your name at the top. That was pretty special."

"I've had a couple of old friends that I haven't spoken to in years reach out," adds bassist Justin Smolian. Guitarist John Notto says of their accomplishment, "I think there's been a discernible uptick in 'congratulations'."

Before the only kinds of "congratulations" they guys from Dirty Honey would get would be from running cross-country in middle school and wearing pants. But on top of having the No. 1 rock song in the country, the band is also getting lots of "congratulations" after it was confirmed that they will be performing with Guns N' Roses in Las Vegas, NV over Halloween.

"We're pumped. It's gonna be awesome." says LaBelle. "Corey for sure is going to be naked on the strip."

Listen to Mistress Carrie's full interview with Dirty Honey in the podcast below: