The Deceased Drummer From Band's Viral Breakup Didn't Actually Die

December 5, 2018

When a band breaks up, there's an expected amount of saltiness between former bandmates. In the case of Canadian metal band Witchrot, they took their beef to a whole new level.

According to a post to the band's Facebook page, the members of Witchrot ended things very badly. So badly that a guitar got smashed in half before being thrown out into the show. 

"Due to the unfortunate reality of our guitarist f**king my girlfriend of almost 7 years WITCHROT will be taking an extended hiatus," Peter, the band's lead member said in a statement. "I however will continue the band in another space and time, being ripe with hate the music is slowly flowing and without a doubt will become the most devastating, torturous music I have ever created. Thanks for the support, stay heavy - Peter."

But before ending without a sour note, Peter adds, "Also our drummer died..."

After being shared nearly 16,000 times on Facebook, concern for the alleged deceased drummer grew. It turns out that the fomer Witchrot drummer is alive and well. Peter says that he asked his drummer Simon to quit the band a few weeks earlier because he was already occupied drumming for a handful of other bands, Peter says he was told by Simon himself to say he was dead in Witchrot's statement because nobody would care anyway. The online reponse for his well-being proved him otherwise.