Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots Facing Divorce For Alleged Alcohol, Emotional & Physical Abuse

June 25, 2018

According to TMZ, Jenn DeLeo, wife of Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo, has filed for divorce under the claims of domestic abuse and violent alcoholism.

The legal documents suggest that Jenn DeLeo picked up divorce papers weeks ago, only days after receiving violent threats from her husband when he revealed his infidelity in front of their 6-year-old daughter, June.

Jenn believes Dean's unnerving behavior started back in 2012 after they were married and their daughter was born. From there, Jenn says Dean began drinking and taking drugs, and once brought their daughter as an infant into the ocean while intoxicated, fearful that she could have drowned.

The legal documents also bring up a separate incident that happened months later in which Jenn says she was physically assaulted by Dean after finding him passed out in the garage with the car running and the garage door closed. After waking him up, Jenn says he husband became angry and violent, throwing her around the room. She has also mentioned that Dean has tried to strangle her on more than one occaision.

She also says that Dean has abused his son from a previous marriage, and even told her that he could have his ex-wife killed if he wanted.

Fearful for her life and the life of their daughter, Jenn says that they try not to set off Dean's short temper. She also mentions that Dean has also threatened her with suicide if she ever decided to leave him.

Jenn, who was also one of the accusers for James Toback's sexual misconduct, believes that the #MeToo movement gave her the strength to finally file for divorce. She is actively seeking custody of their daughter, as well as spousal and child support too.