David Lee Roth Says He and His Van Halen Bandmates Have Always Hated Each Other

July 9, 2019

David Lee Roth keeps his claws sharp when asked to discuss his relationship with his bandmates Eddie and Alex Van Halen. But despite decades of success with each other as a band, Roth says that he and the Van Halens were never buddies.

During an appearance on the WTF Podcast with comedian Marc Maron, Roth says that when it comes to him and the Van Halen brothers, “We have always hated each other, right up until the last phone call."

Roth describes Van Halen's dynamic as a very popular restaurant. Out front everything is nice and pleasant, but in the kitchen everything is pure chaos. "Our version of debate was proximity, volume and repetition, repetition, repetition." says Roth. "And out of those sparks came every popular Van Halen song you can imagine."