Dave Grohl Speaks About His 23-Minute Song and Gives Jimmy Kimmel A Very Disturbing Gift

August 3, 2018

Dave Grohl appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to talk about his upcoming two-part documentary titled PLAY, where he described the long, painstaking process of memorizing, performing, and capturing a 23-minute long instrumental all by himself.

"The way I recorded is, I would hit 'record' and then I start to play the drums and I couldn't stop for the full 23 minutes, I had to do a full take," says Grohl. "And I don't read music so I had to memorize this 23-minute long instrumental." Grohl would then run from one instrument to the next every 23 minutes while still playing along to the composition he had in his head. "And it was really just to see if I could pull it off."

But another reason behind this ambitious project his children, who are also musicians that are setting goals for themselves to be better musicians. "I couldn't help but think about my kids, who are also musicians, and watching them challenge themselves and really try to push themselves and learn new stuff."

The first half of the two-part documentary centers around children learning to play music, and Grohl has also attached himself and his project to many youth organizations specializing in music education.

Aside from this documentary Grohl also had a special gift in store for Kimmel. If you remember for the 2017 Halloween special, Grohl was the guest host where he sported a spot-on David Letterman costume and he and the Foos rocked it out with rock legend Alice Cooper.

So as a "thank you" for letting him host that night, Grohl gave Kimmel something that should be everyone's stocking stuffer... a replica of Grohl's severed head that got chopped off by Cooper.

Plus, it was really starting to creep out Grohl's kids.