Dave Grohl Says He Couldn't Listen To Music At All After Kurt Cobain's Death

July 9, 2018

Late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain took his own life nearly 25 years ago (April 5th, 1994), and a lot has happened to Dave Grohl over those years.

These days we know him as the frontman of the Foo Fighters, one of the biggest musical acts in the world and the tip of the spear that keeps rock relevant in mainstream culture. But in an interview with CBS This Morning, at the time of Kurt's death, Grohl says he was "Just lost. I went through a really dark period where I couldn't even listen to the radio because it broke my heart just to hear music."

But gradually over time, he started to write and record songs of his own under the name Foo Fighters, which is the military term for mysterious flying objects WW2 fighter jets would see in the sky. "I've always been kind of a UFO nut," says Grohl. "But it also kind of sounded like a gang. Like a karate gang or something. Foo FIGHTers!"

Since then the Foo Fighters have been dominating the rock world for over twenty years. Guitarist Pat Smear believes that Grohl's experience in Nirvana helped prepare him for how running his own band should be done. "He was smart enough to pull out the good and say 'I'm gonna do things like this,' and look at the bad and say 'I'm not gonna do this kind of stuff.'"

But it hasn't been a smooth ride to where they are now. In 2001, drummer Taylor Hawkins nearly died from a heroin overdose and was in a coma for two weeks, and Grohl never left his bedside. "It was a heavy time and he was always there, and he has always been there," says Hawkins. Grohl has stayed away from drugs since he was 20 years old, a feat that seems almost impossible for an A-list rockstar like him to commit to. "When I tell people that I've never done cocaine in my life, they think I'm lying!" says Grohl. "But I love music and I love life, and to me survival is the game."

Watch the full CBS report below!