Dave Grohl Brings Blind Foo Fighters Fan Out of the Audience To Listen At The Side Stage

October 22, 2018

In case you haven't heard by now, Dave Grohl is one of the most likeable people on planet Earth. He once gave a monster tip to a server so the total would be $666.00, he once gave a Foo Fighters fan one of his shoes, and he had the Foo Fighters play at a small Italian village after 1,000 musicians performed "Learn To Fly" in a viral video.

Now in the latest of good Grohl deeds, the Foo Fighters frontman invited a young blind fan to enjoy their concert from the side of the stage during their show in St. Paul, MN. He can be seen playing a special guitar solo just for the young fan at the 3:10 mark in the video below.

The child's mother, Stacy Anderson posted on Facebook thanking Grohl and the Foo Fighters crew for making such a fond memory for her son. "Hello! Thank you for sharing this. I am Owen’s mom. Owen is in fact blind, he also has Autism, Crohn’s Disease and developmental disabilities. Owen loves concerts so much. He was definitely not tired, he likes to be held up front at most shows and we take turns holding him up so he can dance. Dave Grohl and all of the crew were incredibly kind to our family."