Corey Taylor is Seriously Considering Doing a Solo Album in 2021

August 23, 2019

When he isn't fronting Slipknot or Stone Sour, writing another best-selling book, Corey Taylor can be often spotted touring with his solo band "Corey Taylor and Friends" dishing out loud and lively cover songs.

But in a recent interview with Eddie Trunk, Taylor revealed his desire to possibly pursue his own solo project. "I'm actually giving serious thought to doing a solo album and a solo run," he told Trunk. Although it is something Taylor has been thinking about for a while, he is in no rush. "Obviously, it's not gonna happen for a while."

 "Honestly, it's something that I didn't even consider for a long time until people just kept beating me up about it, asking me when I was gonna do it."

As of now, the only solo song Taylor has recorded is the catchy anti-holiday jungle "X-M@$."