Conan O'Brien Attempts To Drink Every Flavor of Sam Adams at Once

January 31, 2019

Samuel Adams is one of the staples of Bostonian culture. It's deliciously satisfying and it goes great with anything.

So Boston native and late-night host Conan O'Brien stopped by the Samuel Adams brewery in Jamacia Plain to take a tour of their facility to see what makes the beer so great. In his adventure he learns from founder Jim Koch that beer has a long (and boring) history, it's almost mandatory for a brewer to have a beard, and he attempts to take over the Samuel Adams factory using tactics seen out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

However, the one thing Conan was looking forward to the most was sampling every single flavor of beer on tap. But since he was pressed for time, Conan decided to mix all 28 flavors into a single mug. Now that's drinking smart!