Comedian Jim Jefferies Had To Apologize To An Offended Axl Rose While Tripping On Mushrooms

March 26, 2018

Jim Jefferies is one of today's funniest comedians who really doesn't care if you get offended by one of his jokes. But one night after consuming mushrooms and offending Axl Rose, the tables get turned immediately.

While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jefferies recalls a time when he was doing a show at the Hard Rock and he had to be off the stage by 9:30pm in order for Guns N' Roses to get ready for their show. At first he intended to stick to his time, but changed his mind saying, "Aw f**k it. It's not like Axl Rose has ever left me waiting for a gig. 'Cause Axl Rose is renownly always late." 

So after wrapping up the show and being offered magic mushrooms by an NHL player, things took a turn for the worse. Not only did Jefferies start to envision everyone as lizard people, he gets ushered into a meeting with Axl Rose himself! Rose, a self-proclaimed "comedy enthusiast" wanted to inform Jefferies that his reputation for being late is greatly exaggerated. Meanwhile, Jeffereies (who is still tripping heavily on mushrooms) was more concerned about keeping a straight face.

Listen to the full story below!