Chris Robinson Says He Apologized To His Brother, Rich for His Anger and Negativity

November 12, 2019

Photo by Getty Images


After many years, feud between brothers Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes appears to have passed. Before the band announced their reunion tour, their last show together was almost six years ago. Thirteen months later, Rich Robinson announced the official breakup of the band via a scathing statement in which he reveals some allegedly unfair business practices that demanded Rich to give up his share of the band, as well as 100 percent of drummer Steve Gorman's share.

But while speaking with Rolling Stone, the Chris explains why his anger and negativity got the best of him, and how some of life's experiences changed his perspective on his relationship with his brother in a more positive direction. Chris apologized to Rich for his anger and for allowing money and drama to get in the way after realizing that their brotherly bond was more important.

Rich accepted his apology because he understood that Chris was coming from a place of sadness and pain, and that he knew he had to navigate his way through it on his own.

After the amount of times the brothers have had to say goodbye to people that have passed on, they decided that reforging their relationship in a positive way would be better for both of them rather than have everything end on bad terms.

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