Chris Cornell's Widow Speaks To Congress About America's Opioid Crisis

February 26, 2019

Vicky Cornell, the wife of late Soundgarden/Audioslave vocalist Chris Cornell, travelled to Capitol Hill to speak to members of the Bipartisan Heroin and Opioid Task Force about her husband's untimely death, and opioid crisis being faced in America.

"The part that hurts most is Chris’ death was not inevitable, there were no demons that took over," Cornell told members of Congress. "Chris had a brain disease and a doctor who unfortunately, like many, was not properly trained or educated on addiction."

Part of Cornell's plea was that addiction treatment be a necessary part of the modern health care system. "No more false narratives about the need to hit rock bottom, no more secret societies, no more shame -- we must educate health care providers on how to treat addiction and best support recovery."

Vicky blames her husband's doctor for prescribing him, a recovering addict, an addictive pain reliever that she believes caused him to relapse and ultimately lead to his death in May 2017. The medical examiner found multiple drugs in his system, including Ativan, barbituates, and sedative.