Chris Cornell's Brother Releases Emotional Statement For World Suicide Prevention Day

September 11, 2018

This week (September 10th - 14th) is World Suicide Prevention Week and like most cases of suicide, pain, profound sadness, and many unanswered questions are distributed to everyone the victim is close to.

Peter Cornell, brother of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, shared a very emotional statement for World Suicide Prevention Day in remembrance of his sibling.

"I want to cry and cry and relive the broken heart over and over," says Peter. "Because, and this is a very f**ked up because for me, when the anguish stops and if I finally relinquish the devastation, then it marks the finality. It marks the disgusting, horror, tragedy, incomprehensible truth that my baby Brother is gone."

One of the struggles Peter battles with in regard to discussing his personal experience with suicide is with the social stigma against the open discussion of mental health. "Can my unimportant voice be part of this conversation? Can your voice? I’ve posted about suicide and I’ve learned firsthand there are those who do NOT want me to mention it. I feel like I compound my own failure if I don’t participate. If there is a way to prevent other children and parents and spouses and siblings and friends and all those in the world touched by this horrible and confusing loss then the least I can do is talk about it."

"This isn’t about you or me or the loved ones that are left behind with a million questions. This is for the one who has lost his voice. The one who feels there is nowhere left to go. The one who suffers from his darkness and no longer believes there is a light. This is a fierce determination to dismantle the stigma that attaches itself to the word SUICIDE; to the conversation about suicide. If I am making any sense here, share this. Push this conversation along."

Read Peter's full statement below: