Two Bros Appear on Fox News To End The Stigma Against Nickelback

July 8, 2019

After feeling the wrath of the internet for years, it appears that the social stigma for Nickelback has lifted, and it is okay to openly admit to being a fan of the band.

Activist/podcaster Chad Goes Deep and his friend JT recently appeared on the Fox News program, Watters' World to briefly defend Nickelback, and calling for an end of being shamed for liking their music. "I feel like a lot of people like Nickelback, but they feel shame over it," says JT. "And there shouldn't be any shame."

"The song 'How You Remind Me' helped us get through Dylan's parents' divorce," adds Chad.

Changing public perception of @nickelback. @jtparr14 @wattersworld @jessewatters. Cut by the legend Jay Farnie. #chadgoesdeep #nickelback

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Back in February 2019, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor labelled Imagine Dragons as "the worst band in the world", a title that was previously held by Nickelback.