Celebrity Laundry Man Says Slipknot's Clothes Were The Most Disgusting

January 24, 2019

When we see our favorite artists onstage melting faces and popping eardrums, we are only experiencing one side to the life of a touring rockstar. There's another side to the story that literally handles all of the dirt and grime, and the biggest name in the business the founder of Rock 'n' Roll Laundry, Hans-Jürgen Topf.

Topf has handled cleaning the laundry for some of the biggest names in music like Madonna, U2, Blue Öyster Cult, Elton John and Beyoncê, and while speaking with the New York Times, he revealed that the most digusting clothes that put his laundry skills to the test belonged to the members of Slipknot. He says that the band's coveralls would often be soaked in beer, cream and fake blood, and then be left festering in a garbage bag for three days.

Cleaning clothes since 1982, Topf is known for being a mega-reliable launderer. However he has certainly seen his fair share of rare clothing-related incidents. Joe Cocker once verbally berated him over a line of discoloration found in his pants.  He once shrunk a pair of golden pants belonging to David Hasselhoff, and he even accidentally ruined Janet Jackson's $3,000 vest.

Topf has also noticed that all of the changes in the music industry and the touring culture have even reflected by the clothes he cleans. Before he would often find drugs in the pockets, but he says that today he's more likely to find a bag of herbal tea.