Buzzcocks Vocalist Pete Shelley Dies at 63

December 6, 2018

The rock world bids farewell to another one of its greats as Pete Shelley, lead vocalist for the punk rock outfit The Buzzcocks, passes away at the age of 63. Though no official cause of death has been revealed, many believe that Shelley had died due to a heart attack.

The band announced Shelley's passing in a statement, saying, "It's with great sadness that we confirm the death of Pete Shelley, one of the UK's most influential and prolific songwriters and co-founder of the seminal original punk band Buzzcocks." 

"Pete's music has inspired generations of musicians over a career that spanned five decades and with his band and as a solo artist, he was held in the highest regard by the music industry and by his fans around the world."

This is still a developing story, so more details coming soon.