BUSH's Gavin Rossdale Wasn't Expecting To Go Shirtless For The "Bullet Holes" Video

June 14, 2019

When BUSH frontman Gavin Rossdale visited the WAAF studio, Mistress Carrie put in the request that him wearing a shirt would be entirely optional. And if you've seen him in the "Bullet Holes" video, which is also the credits song for John Wick 3: Parabellum, you would agree.

When working with director Jesse Davey, Rossdale suggested that they go in the direction of Fight Club and Heart of Darkness as inspiration for the look and feel of the video. But when he arrived on set, "my rack of clothes just had a pair of pants on it," said Rossdale.

With many shots cutting between a shirtless Gavin Rossdale and Keanu Reeves in action from John Wick 3, "Bullet Holes" as something for everybody. "It's three and a half minutes of Heaven on Earth for me," adds Mistress Carrie. "Is this getting weird and awkward?"

Listen to Gavin's full interview with Mistress Carrie in the podcast below!