Brent Smith Shares His Pre-Show Vocal Warm-Up Routine

July 23, 2019

If you've seen Shinedown live, you can attest that frontman Brent Smith has got some mighty powerful vocals. But after singing at 100% almost every night, how does a vocalist like Brent keep his voice in top shape? The band recently shared a behind-the-scenes video of the vocal warm-up routine Smith does before every show, and it's a lot more scientific than one would think.

"I just start by loosening up all the muscles in my face — yes, you have a lot of muscles in your face. So it looks silly, it sounds silly, but it's very effective, and you don't have to do it for very long. You just kind of go up and down. And you can watch me do it. This is all I do."

Check out Brent's warm-up routine below!