Brady Won't Let His Speed Slow Him Down In "Tom vs Time" Episode 2

January 28, 2018

Tom Brady admits that he's not the fastest quarterback in the league, but speed isn't the only part of the game that he needs to worry about.

Football is as mental as it is physical, and although he may not be able to run as fast as Amendola, Brady's mental game is easily one of the strongest. "The game now, for me, is just very calculated. It's very strategic. It's much more like chess than checkers."

Brady admits that when reviewing film of previous games, that he will spend up to four to five hours looking at his computer screen. "Football is so visual. You read body language. You're reading movements. How do you know when the guy is going to blitz? You kinda look at the shape of the defense, you know. Guy just may have a little tell, like a poker player."

Check out episode 2 of "Tom vs Time" and find out how far deep into Brady's mind he'll go in order to be the GOAT.