The Boston Red Sox Dropped A $195,000 Tip After World Series Party

November 2, 2018

After the Boston Red Sox walked into a party in L.A. at the Nightingale Plaza held by Made Nightlife, the World Series champions left a green monster of a tip. $195,000 to be exact.

The party consisted of 169 bottles of champage, which put the Sox's bill at about $300,000. Specifically, they ordered 48 bottles of Dom Perignon, 43 bottles of Ace of Spades, 60 bottles of Moet, 5 bottles of Veuve, 12 bottles of Perrier-Jouet and one bottle of Cristal.

Additionally, the Sox also ordered bottles of Don Julio, Belvedere vodka, 11 bottles of Jameson, and 17 bottles of Jack Daniels.


So add on a $195,000 tip, tax and other fees, and that puts the Sox's grand total at exactly $500,000. According to TMZ, someone with the team took care of the bill.