Blink-182's Travis Barker Shares Health Update Following Blood Clot Diagnosis

July 9, 2018

After going four weeks without drumming, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker shares with fans an update on his condition after being diagnoses with blood clots, blood infection, and inflamation.

After meeting with orthopedist Dr. Raj MD, Barker's condition has improved, but he's not in the clear just yet. "The good news about these blood clots is that none of them are deep. So these blood clots won't propogate to your lungs." That is a huge sign of relief.

But what does this mean for Barker's chances of drumming again? "The issue with you drumming right now or going back, in terms of the aggression of moving up and down without treatment or in the middle of your treatment is number 1, you are going to aggrivate inflammation in your arm and then you're going to have this perpetual cycle of inflammation. Number 2, worst case scenario, if you weren't on blood thinners you'd propogate blood clots. You're on blood thinners but, with blood thinners there's the issue of propogating bleeds too. So acutely at this point now, this is not the time to go crazy."