Henry Rollins Has Given Up Swearing

August 15, 2018

It may not sound very punk rock, but Black Flag vocalist Henry Rollins has given up cursing.

While appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience, Rollins surprised even Rogan by revealing that he has given up saying more than just George Carlin's seven dirty words.

"Onstage I don't curse, so there's no way you can marginalize me... I keep track."

So why would Henry Rollins, who was known for fronting one of the loudest, vulgar, and crudest punk rock bands of all time give up swearing?

"Almost ten years ago I was going out with a woman who never cursed," says Rollins. "And I work with people who don't curse and they get their point across." The concept of not swearing was even a shock to Rollins at first. "She never cursed in my 'sailor speak' and I was like 'Wow, I don't have any company here.'"

He also credits former U.S. President Barak Obama for giving up swearing. "He had such a good way with words, I just admired him on the stump. I'm sure it was all written for him, but nonetheless I just liked how the guy carried himself. And I was like, 'I want to be more like that.'"

But in the end, Rollins discovered that the f-word or the s-word never really added anything to a conversation. "It forces me to evolve my point of view. Those words were fun and hyperbolic, but they don't serve me."

During the interview Rollins also speaks about his early days in Black Flag, comparing the rock world and the stand-up comedy world, his friendship with William Shatner, meeting George Carlin, his Showtime special Keep Talking, Pal, and more!

Watch the entire interview below.