Billy Corgan Dismisses Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Kurt Cobain's Death

November 10, 2017

Billy Corgan is not the kind of artist to bite his tongue.

When discussing a the Smashing Pumpkins' rise to fame, he looked back on the rivalries that existed between other bands and fans within their music scene, with his most notably being with Nirvana. "I've had weird experiences, not with Nirvana people, but with people who are in the Nirvana world," says Corgan. "Sometimes I'll have weird stuff happen and I'll dig down, and I'll find out it was somebody who used to work in Nirvana world trying to cut my ankles 27 years later. So weird. Like, so parochial."

Corgan also spoke about the suicide of Kurt Cobain and refuting many of the conspiracy theories from his own personal experiences. "A lot of people don't know, but I was sort of around for a lot of that stuff. So, I know a lot of stuff that I have never really sort of talked about, so for me watching that stuff is like, A: It's replaying something I don't want to replay, and B: I know a lot of that stuff is not based on fact because I was around for a lot of it."

Corgan went on to discuss his rough beginnings in music, his drug-dealing father, wrestling, his viral Disneyland photo, and much more.

Watch the full interview below!