Bill Burr Hates Himself For Never Seeing Pantera Live

February 28, 2018

If you ever had the privilege of seeing Pantera live in concert, consider yourself very fortunate. Because there are lots of people that in hindsight, regret never seeing them perform. Among those people is comedian Bill Burr.

During his weekly Monday Morning Podcast, Burr puts himself on blast for realizing that he never took the opportunity to see Pantera play live before because he wasn't quite feeling their sound at the time. “My younger brothers were always into Pantera and s**t," Burr says. "And I was just like, ‘That’s too heavy for me!’”

Burr fully realizes his regret when he mentions that the opportunity was there, but he just never took it. “I was old enough, I could have saw that band, but I didn’t,” Burr continues. “I’ve got like everything that they have now. I always knew Vinnie Paul was a f**king great drummer, but Jesus Christ, just incredible, incredible f**king drummer. ‘Cowboys From Hell’ and ‘I’m Broken’ are probably my two favorites and my drum teacher told me about their live album, 101 Proof. Just how they end ‘I’m Broken’ with that little double bass f**king riff there in the end. I’m gonna learn how to f**king do that.”

Listen to Burr's thoughts on Pantera at the 32:20 mark, and music in general in the entire player below!