Bad Wolves' Tommy Vext Delivers Powerful Speech on Addiction, Mental Health & Suicide at 'Rock to Recovery'

September 21, 2018

During the third annual Rock to Recovery Benefit Concert, Bad Wolves vocalist Tommy Vext was awarded the "Rock to Recovery Service Award" for not just his own recovery from substance abuse, but for his efforts in helping others fight their own battles dealing with drug addiction and alcoholism as well.

Vext accepted the award with a chilling, yet hopeful story of his own road to recovery that proves that no matter how dark times may feel, there is always a way out into the light.

"A few years ago I tried to commit suicide and I was standing on a train platform in Brooklyn, New York," says Vext. "And I had just testified against my twin brother who had tried to murder me three years earlier." Expressing thoughts and feelings of expreme depression and lonliness, Vext had serious thoughts about jumping.

That was until he received a very important phone call. "He said the three magic words: 'I need help.' And I said 'Where are you?' And the train pulled into the station and I got on that train and I met that young man and I became a sponsor."

"The moral of the story is we don't want to ask for help. Don't hold on to pride. That person saved my life because I was too proud to say 'I can't do this' even in recovery. And by helping that person, I walked out of my own Hell and that's what we do. We do this together."

Watch Vext's full acceptance speech below:

Later in the evening, Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro presented Moby with the "Rock to Recovery Icon Award" for his influence and advocacy for helping others in their roads to recovery.

For resources on finding help for treating mental health and suicide prevention, visit Anyone with thoughts of suicide can also dial the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.