Axl Rose & Slash Don't Mind if People Wear Band Shirts as Fashion

October 14, 2019

There's a growing debate amongst rock artists and fans when people wear t-shirts of bands that they don't listen to. Some oppose it, calling these people "posers" for turning a band shirt into a fashion accessory. But then there are those that don't mind it someone wears a band's merchandise, despite not knowing any of their songs.

It is a question that both Axl Rose and Slash of Guns N' Roses have encountered before, and it's something they're not too phased by.

The GNR fan YouTube channel Guns N' Roses Central uncovered some interviews of Axl and Slash in which they both give their opinions over whether or not it is ok to wear a band's shirt and not listen to their music. "I like it when they like to sleep in Guns N' Roses shirts," joked Axl in an interview. "The promotion's good. It's better for the people to think it's cool than to hate it, I guess."

"The funny one to me is all the kids that wear CBGB shirts that have no idea what CBGB is," Slash says in a separate interview. "In a way it's sort of carrying the torch. It might be fashionable to some as some sort of a statement, but in a way it keeps that brand alive. So it's cool. You can't get angry with people because they're wearing a t-shirt they think looks cool, have no idea what the band is that's on it."