Alice Cooper to Appear on "The Big Interview with Dan Rather"

October 25, 2019

Just in time for Halloween, the godfather of shock rock Alice Cooper will be the latest guest on The Big Interview with Dan Rather on AXSTV on Wednesday, October 30th at 8pm.

During the interview, Rather brings up how well-adjusted and normal Cooper comes off in contrast to his onstage persona, to which discusses a point in his life where he needed to learn to separate his character of Alice Cooper and his normal self as Vincent Damon Furnier.

"I got to a point where I didn't really know where Alice began," says Furnier. "If I went out to a bar that night, 'Do I take the snake? Do I put the makeup on? I wouldn't want to disappoint anybody.' And it got to a point when after I got sober, I realized that I had to separate the two."

He goes on to describe how his onstage persona of Alice Cooper is nothing like who he is in reality. "Alice is a character that I get to play onstage, but I'm nothing like Alice. As soon as I put on the makeup and everything, he's a very arrogant villain. He's very condescending, very Alan Rickman-type, and the audience loves that." But once the show is over and we're back to reality, "Did the Tigers win today? I have three grandsons. My wife and I we go to church on Sunday, I was on the PTA. I coach little league!"

Check out a clip of Alice Cooper's interview with Dan Rather below: