After Winning In Game 2 Mookie Betts Snuck Out To Feed The Homeless

October 26, 2018

It turns out Red Sox outfielder Mookie Metts is just as big a hero on the field as he is off the field.

Shortly after beating the LA Dodgers at Fenway Park in Game 2 of the World Series, Betts reportedly snuck away to go help provide warm meals to the homeless at the Boston Public Library.

Former Red Sox pitcher Lou Merloni of our sister station WEEI recently shared a photo of Betts in the middle of his good deed.

"Little birdie told me an amazing story," says Merloni. "This was the scene last night around 1am out in front of the Boston Library. Trays and trays of food fed the homeless. The man that delivered the food wasn't looking for attention or praise BUT deserves it. God Bless you Mookie Betts."

It turns out that sneaking out to do good deeds at night isn't something outside of Betts's behavior. In 2015 he revealed that he and catcher Blake Swihart gave a homeless man some pizza while in New York City, and hoped that someone else would then pay it forward.