Activists Protest Reading Music Festival Over Free Chicken Nuggets

August 23, 2019

It was reported that the McDonald's would be giving away free chicken Mcnuggets as part of a promotional campaign at this year's Reading music festival. But animal rights group, The Humane League UK has taken aim at the festival for partnering with the fast-food restaurant.

In an open letter to the festival's organizers, The Humane League will be launching a counter-campaign against the festival over allegations of poor animal welfre and negative climate impacts stemming from McDonald's. 

“At a time when other festivals are taking steps to limit their environmental impact, Reading has decided to fly in the face of such progress,” says The Humane League UK's managing director Vicky Bond. “It makes bold statements about sourcing foods with ‘the highest standards of welfare possible’ and reducing food waste, and yet its actions do not match its words. Not only has McDonald’s failed to make basic welfare improvements for chickens but in giving away masses of free chicken, it is significantly contributing to food waste." 

“At other festivals where McDonald’s has done this giveaway, we have seen cartons of uneaten nuggets abandoned on the ground. Does Festival Republic think that life is this cheap and that our planet is not worth protecting? Is this the reputation it wishes to create for itself?”

The Humane League UK announced they will be outside Reading festival gates, urging festival-goers to boycott the McNuggets.