According To Science, Rock & Metal Music Are Good For Your Health

August 7, 2019

Compared to music genres like pop, rap and r&b, rock & metal are like the misfit kids at school that don't care about fitting in with the popular crowd, and are much happier off being themselves desite what people think of them. According to a recent scientific report published on The Conversation, there are many health benefits when exposing oneself to rock and metal.

Written by Professor Nick Perham, the Senior Lecturer of Psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University, research has found that fans of rock and metal are more open to new experiences by leaning towards music that is more "intense, complex, and unconventional, alongside a negative attitude towards institutional authority."

His research also backs up previous studies that listening to rock and metal is a cathardic outlet, despite social taboos suggesting that the dark, violent lyrical content leads to more destructive behaviors. Other studies have shown that lifelong rock and metal fans experienced a happier youth and grew to be well-adjusted adults by the time they reach middle-age as compared to non-rock/metal fans.

Other studies have found that "fans who were made angry and then listened to heavy metal music did not increase their anger but increased their positive emotions suggests that listening to extreme music represents a healthy and functional way of processing anger."

Read the full report here.