According To Science, Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" Is The Most Uplifting Song Ever

February 13, 2019

Even in 2019, Queen's influence is as strong as ever. Their influence is so strong that even science has began to take notice.

In a scientific study of songs that leave listeners feeling good, Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" made it to the top of the list. 

But how is science able to measure to positive feelings felt from a song? The answer lies in this simple equation: 

Rating = 60 + (0.00165 * BPM – 120)^2 + (4.376 * Major) + 0.78 * nChords – (Major * nChords)

According to researcher Dr. Jacob Jolij, the BPM (Beats Per Minute), musical scale, lyrical content and variety of chords are the some of main factors that can determine the amount of "positivity" felt from a song.

For instance, songs with a BPM higher than 150 imbue listeners with a sense of energy. If a song is played in a third major key, listeners often experience a sense of happiness and confidence.

Check out the Top 10 most scientifically uplifiting songs of the last 50 years below!

  1. Queen, "Don't Stop Me Now"
  2. ABBA, "Dancing Queen"
  3. Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations"
  4. Billy Joel, "Uptown Girl"
  5. Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger"
  6. The Monkees, "I'm a Believer"
  7. Cyndi Lauper, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
  8. Bon Jovi, "Livin' on a Prayer"
  9. Gloria Gaynor, "I Will Survive"
  10. Katrina & the Waves, "Walking on Sunshine"