According To Science, Listening to Albums is Good For Your Mental Health

October 10, 2019

Photo by Getty Images


It's been well documented that listening to music can calm your inner-storms, but a new report has surfaced that it is also good for your mental health in the long-term.

The study took place in the United Kingdon by the Entertainment Retailers Association by analyzing the results of a survey taken by 2,019 adults in August 2019 by Fly Research where the participants were asked about the effects music had on their overall well-being.

Based on the results, 82.9% of participants said that music helped them relax, while 76.4% felt that listening to music had a positive effect on their mood when they were feeling blue. 74.3% said that listening to their favorite albums provided them with a sense of comfort, and 64.7% say that they listen to their favorite albums when they could use an emotional boost.

According to author and academic Dr. Julia Jones (aka "Dr. Rock"), “We’ve been aware of the scientific evidence regarding the positive effects of music on the brain and body for decades. We also know that taking ‘time out’ of our hectic schedules is essential to maintain our well-being."

“So the album offers a perfect recipe for delivering the cocktail of neurochemical and physiological benefits, while also ensuring we enjoy an extended break. It’s an experience with a built-in stopwatch so there’s no need for clock watching. We can just sit back and enjoy the effects. The album is a particularly effective intervention at night when we’re approaching bedtime."

“Sleep has been identified as an absolutely critical factor in well-being and listening to a low tempo relaxing album can help get us into ‘sleep mode’ and increase the likelihood of a solid eight hours of rest and recovery. For that reason alone we should all be switching off the TV and listening to an album before bed every night.”

So the next time you're cranking out Black Sabbath and Metallica, and the neighbors complain, tell them it's for the good of science and your well-being.