Aaron Lewis Stops Concert Early Due To Unruly Crowd

February 4, 2019

During his solo acoustic tour, Staind's Aaron Lewis ended his concert early on Saturday February 2nd after the crowd refused his plea for a brief moment of silence.

Set in Pharr, TX, Lewis said to the crowd, "I need five minutes, that's it, that's it. Just five minutes, but I need you to be quieter than you've been all night or else you're not gonna hear it." Lewis was hoping to perform the song without a microphone, but directly to the audience.

"I'm gonna try to do something different and special but you're not gonna hear it if you're not quiet," he added. "No you don't understand, like f**king church quiet. I'm only gonna wait for so long and then I'm just gonna say goodnight."

After a few more pleas for silence, Aaron's patience ran out and he thanked the crowd before exiting the stage.