See This 96-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Front A Heavy Metal Band

July 18, 2018

They say that age is just a number. Well 96-year-old Inge Ginsberg seems to embody that phrase perfectly as she defies stereotypes by keeping her life extraordinary.

Inge first escaped Austria in 1942 the day before World War 2 and fled to a refugee camp in Switzerland. Then she oversaw a spy villa in Lugano for the Secret Service. Then she and her husband, Otto Kollmann, relocated to Hollywood, CA to write songs for artists like Dean Martin, Doris Day and Nat King Cole.

As Inge got older, her love for music never left. As she continued to write lyrics and poetry, she discovered a new audience where there was no elderly presence... death metal. "In American and even European culture the old people are excluded from life," Ginsberg says in a short documentary. "Some people drink. Some people 'frisk', and I write poetry. I can write my poetry, except nobody would hear it. But if I take part in the competitions, millions of people hear it on YouTube."

Just check out her front the band, Ginsberg and the TritoneKings in their music video "Totenköpfchen" (Laugh at Death).