5 Helpful Tips Before Bringing Your Kids To Their First Rock Concert

August 20, 2019

Parents tend to keep track of all of their child's "firsts." Their first word, their first steps, their first nuclear wasteland diaper change. But as they grow up, there will also be their first concert experience.

We all remember what it was like to go to our first concert. We remember seeing thousands of people cheering for their favorite artist, the smells of things being eaten, drank and smoked, and of course, the ear-blasting sounds of guitars, drums, bass and vocals vibrating your entire being. Now it's your turn to take those same sensations and pass them on to your kids.

As more rock and metal concerts have become increasingly family-friendly, don't be surprised to see the next generation of rockers sitting on their parents' shoulders in the crowd.

So before you teach your kids how to properly headbang and mosh, here are a few things to consider before making their first concert experience.

1. Hearing Protection 

Because children are still developing their sense of hearing, and any big rock or metal concert is guaranteed to be loud. It's important to avoid any damage to their precious little ear drums. So invest in some earplugs or protective headphones to preserve their ears, especially if you're really close to the action.

2. Bring money

Kids are already expensive enough. So if you plan on bringing them to their first concert, have some extra cash on hand for things like food, drinks and the merch table.

3. Be ready to answer questions your kids have never asked before

"Mommy, what does 'motherf**ker' mean?"

"Daddy, why is that lady showing her boobies?"

Depending on the artist, kids will be exposed to all kinds of sights and sounds they've never seen or heard before. So plan on getting into some very interesting conversations to steer your children onto the right path of making smart decisions.

4. Kids can have limits

As much as you love the artist you came to see using the money in your kids' college fund, prepare for the possibility that some children will have a limit to how much they will be able to handle loud, chaotic, and crowded envirements. If you feel they are getting overwhelmed, be sure to move them to a quieter, less-crowded area to let them cool off.

5. Opening Acts & Encores

Watching the opening act is always a great way to expose yourself to newer artists you and your kids may/may not be familiar with. Listening to new live music you might enjoy can add an extra hour to your kids' concert experience, so take advantage of the intermission to relax. 

Plus, every concert will most likely go past their bedtime. And if you choose to stick around for the encore, be ready to carry an exhausted child back to car on the way back to the parking lot.

But there is also the option to leave before the encore. That way you can escape that nightmare of leaving the venue with thousands of other people at once and make it home in time to tuck the kids into bed.