5 Bands That Sound A Lot Like Led Zeppelin

January 8, 2019

Epitomizing the classic rock sound of the '70s, Led Zeppelin have established themselves as one of the greatest rock bands in all of musical history. So it's no mistake that they inspired generations upon generations of upcoming bands that adore their skill and talent for blues-inspired rock.

But over the years there has been a handful of bands that, though talented in their own right, have been accussed of climbing the stairway to heaven a little longer than usual.

1. Greta Van Fleet

Though they originally formed in 2012, they're the new kids on the block that have dashed all expectations of bringing rock back into mainstream music that has been so largely dominated by hip-hop and pop. They continue to sell out clubs and ballrooms while touring and audiences have shown no complaints for bringing back the roaring sounds of the '70s into a new generation. Lead singer Josh Kiszka channels his inner-Robert Plant into the microphone all while bringing out his own creativity and style to live concerts.

2. Wolfmother

These Aussie rockers broke out onto the mainstream with songs like "White Unicorn" and "Mind's Eye," quickly capturing audiences with their retro sound. But the song that really brought out the Led Zeppelin comparisons was their 2005 song "Woman" where lead singer Andrew Stockdale's vocal chops start sounding like they're flying too closely to Robert Plant's sun.

3. Kingdom Come

While many bands are praised for developing music inspired by Led Zeppelin, German outfit Kingdom Come received much criticism for sounding too much like Plant and company. As much as they wanted to veer away from comparisons, critics began dubbing them "Kingdom Clone."

4. Rival Sons

Much like their associates on this list, Rival Sons have also received some blowback for sounding a little too close to Led Zeppelin than expected. However, Jimmy Page has shown high praise for the band.

5. The White Stripes

Jack and Meg White conjured a large following with their unique mixture of blues rock with a jolt of punk, which gave them a Led Zeppelin-feel for the new millennium. Jack White has also appeared alongside Jimmy Page in the 2008 documentary It Might Get Loud.

Some other honorable mentions include Band of Skulls, White Denim, Temples