40 Years Ago, Aerosmith Releases "Draw The Line"

December 1, 2017

Just after hitting it big with the hugely successful Toys In The Attic and RocksAerosmith was on top of the world. Yet despite their success, the band was beginning to corrode from the inside out with drugs, egos and fighting between members.

It was also around this time that on December 1st, 1977, Aerosmith released their third consecutive successful album Draw The Line.

Although Draw The Line went on to fetch great commercial success, receiving double platinum status, members of the band admitted that due to the conflicts resonating between band members, many of the album's tracks began to feel lacking in creativity and unimaginitive.

Although tracks like "I Wanna Know Why," "Get Up," and "Sight for Sore Eyes" did contain the basic structure of a standard Aerosmith song, fans and critics believed that they couldn't stand out as much from their other songs in their catalogue.

Midway through their follow-up album Night in the Ruts, guitarist Joe Perry would leave the band in 1979. It would be six years before Aerosmith's original lineup would rise from the ashes as their original lineup when they release their 1985 album Done With Mirrors