31 Years Ago: REM Releases Their Hit Album "Document"

August 31, 2018

On September 1st, 1987, R.E.M. wasn't sure what to expect when they released their sixth album, Document. They have only been together as a band for six years and their highest-rated song didn't go beyond the No. 78 spot on the Billboard Top 100 chart. Especially when the rock radio airwaves were dominated by hair metal and stadium rock artists like Motley Crüe and U2

But all of that changed when the college rockers began working with producer Scott Lit, who helped them crank out catchy hits like "The One I Love" and "It's The End Of The World," whose video received plenty of attention from MTV, despite the members of the band were not included in the video. "It's The End Of The World" eventally topped out at No. 69 on the Billboard Top 100 chart and started being played in sports arenas. In late 1987, R.E.M. even made it to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

From there, the band would go on to enjoy an escalading ride to the top that would last for over a decade.