30 Years Ago, Nirvana Releases Their Debut Album 'Bleach'

June 14, 2019

It may not seem like it, but on June 15th, 1989, Nirvana lit the match that would serve as the powder keg of music from the '90s onward with their debut album, Bleach

The album hit shelves in 1989 under their label "Sub Pop" and its initial debut appeared very underwhelming when compared to their future monster albums like Nevermind. It didn't even make it on to the Billboard top 200 chart, but the fact that they themselves put out a record sent ripples that turned into waves throughout the Seattle rock scene.

In 1988, long before Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl pounded the drums for Nirvana, Chad Channing and Melvins drummer Dale Crover shared the drum kit on Bleach.

When it first debuted, the track "Love Buzz" was the only single released, and it left an unsatisfying taste in Kurt Cobain's mouth. Cobain expressed in interviews that he had hoped that the song would sound much heavier than it did, believing it came out a wimpier version that it should have.

Eventually, some of the other tracks off of the album began to surface as more mainstream and radio-friendly like "About A Girl," which almost didn't even make it on to the record because according to Rolling Stone, Cobain felt that they needed to put out a harder, heavier, grungier album, but believed it would be too much of a risk.

But one part of the Bleach album that Cobain was proud of was its raw, authentic sound. Cobain believed that music at the time would come off as too polished and produced, rather than imperfect and real.