30 Years Ago: Motley Crüe's "Dr. Feelgood" Hits The Shelves

September 3, 2019

The age of '80s hair metal was nearing it end. But before the grunge movement of the '90s took over, Motley Crüe released an enormous collection of their trademark hard and sleazy, party rock with Dr. Feelgood on September 1st, 1989.

Most of the songs on Dr. Feelgood were penned by bassist Nikki Sixx, who had just gone through one of the worst drug-fueled trainwrecks imaginable, and lived to tell the tale. Sixx was resposible for hits like "Dr. Feelgood", which was about heroin dealers and "Kickstart My Heart", which was inspired by his near-death experience caused from overdosing on heroin.

Meanwhile other songs like "Slice of Pie" and "She Goes Down" were classic examples of Motley Crüe's mischievious catalogue.

Due to the fact that Nikki, Tommy LeeMick Mars and Vince Neil didn't always see eye-to-eye, producer Bob Rock had each of the members enter the recording studio separately in hopes of keeping their attention concentrated on perfecting their tracks instead of on each other. In addition to Motley Crüe's four core members, Dr. Feelgood also included the talents of Steven Tyler of AerosmithJack Blades of Night RangerBryan AdamsRobin Zander of Cheap TrickRick Neilsen and additional members of Skid Row.

The album scored the No. 1 position on the Billboard albums chart with over six million copies sold just in the US. Dr. Feelgood also received the award for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album at the 1991 AMAs and a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock performance for "Kickstart My Heart."